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Renraku America
Director: Orito Sasaki
Headquarters: Manhattan, New York (UCAS)

Renraku America governs the company’s operations in North
and South America. Though notorious for the troubles in its
former Seattle HQ, Renraku America is best known in the business
world for its FactFiles operation, which handles common apps
such as GridGuide, as well as regional search engines SeaSource,
QuickSearch, and, Factfinder. This division was hardest hit by
the Crash, and their staggering losses prompted other companies
to make a run on several subsidiaries. Most notable is the recent
failed hostile takeover of Adams-Westlake Mediaworks by media
giant Horizon Corp.
The division is managed by MIT&T Business School Graduate
Orito Sasaki. A relative unknown in the business world, Sasaki relies
on a corps of advisors pulled from the highest ranks of local subsidiaries.
Sasaki is a data-driven director who rarely makes a decision without
gathering as much research as possible. That “educated answer” attitude
has helped him gain allies in the Manhattan Consortium.
The division’s workload is split evenly towards advanced
research projects and consumer industries such as foods, banking
and investments, real estate, construction, software, cyberware,
data engines, as well as personal and network security. Regarding
research, Renraku America is focused on data management,
software and robotics advancements. Though former Director
Huang has been arrested (and possibly is deceased), his team of
scientists—commonly held to be responsible for the Arcology Shutdown
is rumored to be working on more emergent technologies
similar to what was witnessed at the Renraku Arcology
in Seattle. This time it is believed they are working on tech that can
capture, transfer, and store biological memories.

Renraku America

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