What happens when shadowrunners get a chance to travel to other worlds?

Easy: they bring enough ammo, toast bread and anti-coagulants to keep operating continuously for years.

After spending some time doing normal runs in the Seattle area the group wanted to experiment with travelling to other worlds. While this is not strictly speaking within the normal limits of the Shadowrun game world we nevertheless decided to give it a go while still trying to make it “realistic” in terms of how travelling can be done and so on.

The current plot line revolves around one of the characters whom they have found to be a “portal key”, i.e. something/someone that can be used to assist a mage in opening a portal. This has proven to be both a blessing and a curse to the team as it gives them relatively easy access to opening portals but at the same time that character, and by association the entire team, is now the target of a massive hunt involving several factions including Aztechnology.

The Keys to the Portals

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