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This Wiki will contain information about different aspects of the campaign such as portals, portal keys, noteworthy corporations and so on.


Group Locations

Ctites and Countries

  • Seattle: An enclave of UCAS in the Pacific Northwest, the home of the group.
  • Denver:


Portal worlds

  • The Old World: the world known from Warhammer Fantasy Role Play.
  • Barsaive: from Earthdawn.
  • The 5th Realm: World mainly populated by a race similar to Dark Elves.
  • Deadwood: a world parallel to our own where the time is the 1870s.
  • Fog World: a place the runners have yet to go. From one of the Dark Elves they captured they know this worls exists and the portal symbols for it.
  • Metal Box World: another world the runners only know about from the Dark Elves. The only description is that it is the inside of a not very large metal box.
  • Completely Unknown World: the last world they’ve heard about from the Dark Elves no one knows anything about. None of the Dark Elves that has entered it has ever returned.
  • MMO World: this world is one of the last four that Aleesha has found (or so she thinks) in relation to the six parts of the Dragon Slayer Knife that she is looking for.
  • Alpha City

*Portal locations

  • Salish-Shidhe Portal: a portal just North of Seattle in the Cascade Mountains. This is the return point for the runners when they travel back to the Sixth World (i.e. “our” world) from other worlds.

Portal keys

  • Kitty: for some unknown reason Kitty functions as a key that can be used to open portals.
  • Suffering Victims: the Dark Elves of The 5th Realm uses the power of suffering victims to open and fuel their portals.


“Secret” societies etc

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