The Keys to the Portals

Background Story

Several years ago this group of shadowrunners came across a research project that threw them into different worlds through as-yet undiscovered portals.

The whole thing started when Peter Future and his associate Aleesha hired the runners to find a small jade dragon statue. This statue turned out to be a key that could be used as part of an intricate magical ritual that opened a portal to a different world. The runners were sent through the portal to investigate and return with information about the world, if it had been possible for them to survive and similar things.

With time the runners entered more worlds until, after a particularly “interesting” trip, they found themselves waking up in a shadow clinic doped up and tied down. It seemed the entire concept of the portals had been a hoax and that they had simply been subjected to experimental drugs. This did not sit well with the team, especially not with Mike Hawkins who has a pathological hatred of drugs, and so they decided to take their revenge.

They tracked down both Peter Future and Aleesha and took their revenge. Peter Future fared the worst and is now known as Peter No Future and has had his magical abilities severely limited by a generous helping of stim patches administered by the runners. Aleesha survived both a bullet the the head at point blank range and having the building she was in blown up. In both cases she was uninjured and the runners eventually decided that they had had enough and called an end to the whole mess.

Until Peter No Future showed up again in the form of a Mr Johnson who hired Mike Hawkins to steal a painting. On the backside of the painting was a description of a ritual that could help Mike Hawkins get rid of a Horror that had taken up residence in his head.

At first Mike Hawkins was unaware that he was working for Peter No Future. He hired his latest associate, Sting to help him with the break-in and only learned about Peter No Future’s part in the run when he went to deliver the painting.

Despite being wary of working for Peter No Future again Mike Hawkins decided to play nice and heard what Peter No Future had to say. From Peter No Future the runners, those that had not joined the wars in Africa or simply disappeared, learned that they really had visited other worlds and that it was still very much possible to travel to other worlds.

After a brief skirmish with a particularly deranged Triad Mike Hawkins got rid of the Horror, but not without a few moments where it was hard to decide who was winning.

The last anyone has seen of Peter No Future was when he asked Mike Hawkins for a gun because he “could not stand being alive anymore.”


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