A former private investigator and con artist


Spade is a slim built, shorter than average Human with a friendly face and a smile that can win almost anyone over to his side. He likes to keep his dark brown hair short, but not so short that his scalp is visible. That, to him, is a bit crude and is only something simpleminded people do.

In his PI days you would usually have found Spade wearing a decent suit that looked like he had worn it a day or two: not newly pressed, but neither worn or too wrinkled. Lately he has begun favouring a more relaxed look in an old army style shirt, suspenders and generally more sturdy clothes as they suit his life as a shadowrunner far better than his suits did.

His appearance is amplified by the combination of tailored pheromones and various “look good” spells such as Healthy Glow.


Spade, as he is currently known, used to be a private investigator. Before that he was a con artist and before that he was a gambler. Not a betting man, a Gambler. Capital ‘G’.

Isn’t it the same, you ask? No, it isn’t. A betting man lives for the thrill that comes from watching a race, a gambler lives for the thrill of the GAME!

Throughout his life Spade has had many different IDs and aliases. As a private investigator he assumed the name Mickey Spillane in memory of his favorite childhood books and movies. When recent events forced him to abandon yet another identity he decided to sum up his entire life in a single word: Spade.

The reason he had to abandon his life as Mickey Spillane was that some unknown person sent several hard hitting mercenaries after him and, after his Downtown office was blown up, he decided that it was time to move on. At that point in time he was only working on a single case and since he did not want to abandon his client through many years, Mike Hawkins he decided to keep working on the case, but from his new place in the shadows.

His first step was to leave Seattle behind and head to Denver where there were some loose ends that he needed to tie off. This has put him in contact with the rest of the group on their trip to Denver and with Aleesha who has changed from being the target of his investigation to being someone the group might need to help.

After a couple of more or less successful smaller runs in Denver he relocated to Seattle and began setting up a new network with no ties to his former life. Having done that he managed to get a few more runs, still small, before finally getting in touch with Mike Hawkins about a position in “Team SafeBox”.

During his work with Team SafeBox he became familiar with their trips to other worlds using portals. He got an introduction to that part of the team’s work and, after careful consideration, decided he wanted to know more about the other worlds, what technologies and magical items/theories could be found there and so on.

It did not take him long to realize that all Mike Hawkins’ talk about The Great Evil was not just silly stories, but dangerously real. Spade found out that there are forces in both this and the other worlds that are simply too malevolent to be allowed to survive. This discovery has left him somewhat unhinged and he has a tendency towards zealotry in his work to get rid of anything even vaguely resembling The Great Evil: blood mages, toxic shamans and so on. His zealotry often puts him at odds with the people he works with as Spade’s “it must all be destroyed” attitude tend to clash with their interest in getting to know their enemies better so they can easier overcome them.

Spade uses the following aliases:

  • Daniel McFarley: this is Spade’s real name. He only ever uses this in emergencies where he really needs something from “the system” (i.e. the UCAS government and so on)
  • Sam Spade: his main identity since he started working as a private investigator. He’s got a fake SIN with a low lifestyle for this alias.
  • Miles Archer: a name he uses when he know it doesn’t get checked. It’s a spoof off the old Sam Spade’s (the detective played by Humphrey Bogart) detective partner who gets shot.
  • Hugo Stiglitz: more a role than an identity. Spade uses this as his “hard face” when he has to play rough with people who doesn’t know him. He doesn’t like to do that, but accepts that sometimes it’s necessary.


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