youngish looking male elf, pale almost white hair, and strikingly amber eyes, several scars on his body, some appear to have been from severe burns, both hands are obvious cybernetic replacements.


So you want to know why I slug around this violin do you? You want to know where I come from? Who I am? very well I’ll start at the beginning.

Have you heard about Salem, a small community in Massachusetts, with a rather bleak history, you haven’t, ah a history lesson then to start with, back in the time before the invention of cyberware, the return of magic and all that we know and take for granted today, all the way back in 1692, a series of trials, witch trials where held there, this was back when magic hadn’t returned remember, so a lot of innocent people got killed. what this has to do with me? Patience my friend, it will become obvious.

Well I was Born in Salem Town, yes the same Salem Town as the one with the witchtrials, in the year 2000, my father I have never known, my mother gave birth at home with the assistance of her older sister, and boy where they in for a surprise, I as you can guess did not look like a normal baby. I have later realised I was born as what has been termed a “spike Baby” which may have had something to do with the damn witchtrials in Salem.

It wasn’t until 2011 that other babies startet to be born looking well non human, the year of chaos, and as the goverment struggled to figure out what was happening babies born that year was given the technical term Unexplained Genetic Expression UGE for short.

Now my mother bless her dead heart was a fairly simple woman, and it took some time before she found out about UGE, she merely did her best to hide her freak of a son from the rest of the town, she mannaged it quite well for a time, tought me how to play the violin, I mannaged to get through school, always wearing a cap and hoodie, tinted contacs, it wasn’t untill I started highschool I could no longer hide what I was.

I haven’t told you my name, well I suppose I haven’t, lets call me Jonathan in this time of my life, it wasn’t the name my mother gave me, there is power in names after all, and well once in highschool I got a multitude of new names, UGEboy, Freakshow etc. children can be so cruel after all.

while all around the world Dragons had appeared, elfs and dwarfs where not unheard of, Magic had started to resurface in the world, well at least in the big cities, Salem Town, well they have always been a bit behind on the news, and unfortunately for me, that was when my magic decided to rear it’s head.

Now I had always been a smart kid, maybe a bit to smart for my own good, and seeing as I had few friends, I discovered some of my own, I by accident mannaged to summon a small elemental spirit, but having no idea what I was doing at the time it got loose from my control, ruined a perfectly good day, gave me a smashing headache when I woke up, and guess what, I had been spotted.

I won’t even go so far as to call what happened a trial, not even a proper witch trial, my looks along with the evidence presented to the mob gathered in the local church, some of it real damn cammeras, the rest complete falsehoods, among them one of the girls from the school swearing before God the almighty that I had hexed her, and made her pregnant with the devils child, well that was enough for the town elders, they had decided I was guilty of witchcraft, and as such, they actually found an old copy of the original church laws concerning witches, there was only one punishment, being burned alive at the stake.

I can see the disbelief in your eyes, trust me, it gets much much worse, you see, I might have been a clever child, but I also had a smart mouth and I seriosly couldn’t believe what was happening to me, I was given one chance to repent my sins before god, and my responce stupid as it was, was this. “I do not acknowledge your petty attempts at passing judgement, let the one with the purest heart among you light the damn fire.”

See I told you it would get worse, they got a damn 6 year old girl to do it, the child was weeping and asking me to forgive her, but her parents had told her god wanted her to do it.

tied to a stake ontop of a massive amount of cordwood, I watched as the little girl stuck a torch into the base of it, and as flames started to grow, well thats when I first saw her, my muse, my friend, my savior, she wasn’t actually physically present, but I know it was her, and I was shown how I could free myself, all I had to do was reach out and touch the magic, manipulate it just so, and I would be free.

I’ll not bore you with the details, let us just say I wasn’t burned alive, oh I still have some rather nasty burnscars to remind me, and only a handfull of people left the town square alive, one of them me, the other the little girl, I have mannaged to keep an eye on her for most of her life, I after all was responcible for her becomming an orphan, I even mannaged to keep her safe when in 2021 she was afflicted with goblinization, and transformed into an orc.

By the year 2029 I like many other elfs had moved into the NAN and joined the Sinsearach tribe, it was an interesting time of my life, living with other elfs, learning about my magical nature, I was still living there in 2035 when Tir Tairngire was founded and receded from NAN, I decided to leave only 3 years later and moved to seatle, unfortunately by now SIN’s had become part of the damn constitution of the UCAS, and I was SINless and a meta to boot, not to mention an illigal mage, isn’t a great world we live in, what else could I do, I had to get food on the table, I entered the world of shadows, the world betwen the cracks, I became a shadowrunner.

I had a few succesfull jobs, and some cash stashed away, when the race riots hit worse than ever in 2039, the night known as the Night of Rage, I was there when the metahuman detentioncenter was firebombed in Tacoma, hundreds died, more where injured, among them myself, having spent most of the night trying to save my own and others lives, I was finely cornered in a back ally, my energy almost spent I only mannaged token resistance, mannaging to hurt enough of my attackers I was finely struck down, having trouble focusing my thoughts my final elemental with no orders given yet, could only watch from astral space as I was placed flat on the ground, my arms outstreched before me, not until the sword came down and removed my hands did I mannage to gather my wits, riding the exscrusiating pain, I screamed out for thier death.

When I woke up much later in the basement of a streetdoc who had seen what happened, and taken pity on me, I had no hands, they where gone, I was a cripple, I despaired, how would I live now, how would i survive.

As it turned out, for enough money, I could get these cybernetic replacements. Why have I not had a new pair cloned for me, well I have grown attached to them, they have also proven rather usefull in my line of work.

Ah but back to my story, in 2057 I was elated when Dunkelzahn was elected president, and horrorfied when he was killed, when his will was released I followed like many others read it, and acted on what was written there,, one might even say I have benefitted by it, you see I was one of the 1000 SINless that mannaged to show up at the Seattle offices of the Draco Foundation at 10:00 a.m. on the 12th of October, 2058, thus I got a valid SIN, your right, that does mean I have a dual citezenship, but I haven’t been back to Tir Tairngire in a while, on the otherhand I have profitted from other things mentioned in that will, you see I find the practices of bloodmages and toxic shamans anathema to my way of life, and thus far it has been rather lucrative handing in both for the bounty the Draco Foundation offers.

That brings us to the here and now, and you as it is, oh that is right, I have not told you yet who I am and what it is with this violin, well my friend, My name is Fiddler, and this violin is the reason your Bloodspirits where destroyed and you are being delivered trussed, bound gagged and hooded to the Draco Foundation so I can collect my next paycheck, seems they still offer a bounty of 1 million for abominations like you.


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